Customizing survey, Triggers

You can arrange the questions in your project according to your ideas and needs.

Questions adjustment

The question boards spawn in an empty object called “Questions“ with all your prefabs. The questions adjust to the length of the text and afterwards are also scalable. The question prefab has three parts: Main, Pin, TeleportLoc, each of these parts are highly customizable for your needs. 

Through the “Question“ prefab, you are able to transform position, rotation and the scale for each question.

Option: If you want to use the shuffle option in multiple-answers questions, just find the question in the scene and turn on the option in: YourQuestionX/Main/MainPanel/Answers/MultiAnswer -  ShuffleMultipleAnswers script.

Questions order

Using the next / previous arrow in the question board is the most common scheme of the surveys. But our asset gives you the freedom to do the survey as you wish. 

  • You can turn off the teleports and let your players roam around and find the questions on their own, 
  • or set up specific triggers for questions to appear etc.

You can choose where to start and where to end.

Triggers and live interactions

You can connect the answers to your virtual space and change the space interactively, for example for designing public spaces like squares and parks (tree density, benches, sidewalks surface); or for house / interior design (chairs, tables, carpets, lights, walls). Respondents can immediately see all changes according to their answers.