Our tool offers an integration of a survey from Google Forms into the Unity environment. This allows you to efficiently create and evaluate surveys within your projects. VR support is included.


Import your survey into Unity from Google Forms. The package also includes scripts for Google Forms. 

  • You can arrange the questions in 3D space according to your ideas.
  • You can connect the answers (categories) to your virtual space and change the space interactively, for example for designing public spaces like squares and parks (tree density, benches, sidewalks surface); or for house / interior design (chairs, tables, carpets, lights, walls). Respondents can immediately see all changes according to their answers.
  • Built-in “survey menu” with tabs for: survey introduction, question overview (completed, all, required) - for better orientation and navigation between the questions
  • Steam VR support - we have prepared a script and a tutorial for virtual reality integration (tested with HTC Vive)

Complete the questionnaire and export the answers back to Google Forms for fast data analysis (tables, charts).

The package includes a basic player to move and interact within the 3D space.

Ideal for:

  • getting feedback from users
  • testing, bug reporting
  • for all the situations, when you need to get structured answers from users.

Get advantage of using the power and simplicity of Google Forms in Unity.

Visit the www.XRsurveys.com website for additional information. 


  • Google Forms integration: script for import survey from Google Forms to Unity project; script for import responses back to Google forms for analysis
  • question prefab has three parts: Main, Pin, TeleportLoc, each of these are highly customizable
  • built-in “survey menu” for better orientation and navigation between the questions
  • “survey menu” with tabs for: a) survey name and introduction, question overview (completed, all, required), c) tutorial, d) settings
  • multiple modes for the fast move to the next/previous question: a) navigation arrows on the question, b) pin/balloon above question, c) question tiles in survey menu
  • UX for players: completed question changes colour from red to green (pin, question tile in survey menu)  
  • supports all relevant question types from Google Forms (excluded question type “file upload”)

Technical details

Supported platforms: compatible with SteamVR Asset. We have prepared a script and a tutorial for VR integration. 

Supported headsets: tested with HTC Vive, we are using collider-raycast binding, so there should be no problem with any type of VR headsets.

Link to the documentation: https://docs.xrsurveys.com